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ChungWai Wong, Toby

ChungWai Wong, also know as Toby, was born in Hong Kong in 1995. After finishing high school, Wong decided to take a gap year to travel before moving to London in 2014 to study BA Photography. In 2018, he graduated from Middlesex University and received a First Class Honours degree. The inquiry of Being, and experimenting to use writing techniqueinto photography editing skill were Wong’s most recentdirection. The photograph by Wong was exhibited in the UK, Hong Kong and China.


Email: info@tobywongchungwai.com


2019 - New Light X《天問 Fundamental Inquiry》, Lumenvisum, Hong Kong.

2018 - Cream 2018, Crane Kalman Brighton, Brighton, UK.

2018 - Beyond The Camera, PingYao International Photography Festival, PingYao, China.

2018 - Free Range Photography Week One, The Truman Brewery, London, UK.

2018 - Middlesex University degree show, The Truman Brewery, London, UK.

2017 - Beneath, Middlesex interim exhibition, Four Corners Gallery, London, UK.


2018 - Lupe Magazine


2015-2018 BA Photography, Middlesex University London, UK

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